A 12-week minimind for yoga teachers, coaches and service providers who want to scale to six-figures with a high-ticket group coaching program.



Do you feel like you're doing #allthethings in your business, but the income isn't quite catching up? I've been there—attempting to sell numerous low-priced online courses, underpricing my services, and undervaluing my expertise... Then I finally increased my prices and launched my first high-ticket offer, and before you know it I was making six figures per year, while working a lot less with a super simple business model. This is what I want for you, too! It’s your turn to create and sell a high-ticket group coaching program and add six figures to your income.

You have a soul-mission and you know you’re ready to make a bigger impact!

Are you ready to scale your income & impact?

Loving what you do is not enough when you’re not earning a sustainable income.

You became a yoga teacher, healer or coach to help people and you’re SO good at what you do, but you’re frustrated with the lack of momentum and it feels like you’ve been forever stuck at a low income level.

You don’t want to create another low-priced, DIY online course that people buy and forget, instead you want to work with clients who are committed to do the work and get real results. 

You know in your soul you should be getting paid for that bright white light you bring to the world. But actually dialing in your premium offer and packaging it up in a way that feels good has been impossible until now.


go high-ticket


Want to make more money in your coaching business and have a greater impact? Switch to selling high ticket coaching programs.

Let's break it down - selling a $250 online course 400 times to make 100k vs. enrolling 20 students in a $5,000 program for the same result. Believe me, that's way more doable! No matter your niche, I promise there are eager folks wanting to invest in your expertise and I'm here to guide you on how to make it happen.

Inside this minimind we’ll work closely together on everything from your program promise, structure to your launch strategy, you’ll get my eyes on your business and actual feedback and 1:1 support to make it happen.

I’m here to help you package your expertise and take your business & income to the next level!

"I sold 60 spots in my first online course launch!

I had a very small audience to begin with, but Susanne’s tips helped me grow that list to over 700 over a few months. Susanne’s program was absolutely invaluable to moving my yoga business online."

Veronika kruta

"In my first launch of my online course I sold 15 spots, it was sold out! 

This still feels amazing! The biggest challenge I had was that I felt I was not ready. But thanks to the step by step plan I could follow I realized that yes, I can do this!”


I’ve taught hundreds of women how to launch their digital offers.

A 12-week minimind for yoga teachers, coaches and service providers who want to scale to six-figures with a high-ticket group coaching program.



Six modules with brand-new comprehensive, step-by-step video trainings, teaching you how to create and sell your high-ticket program. You’ll have LIFETIME access to the curriculum.

A Full Curriculum with Brand-New  Trainings

A 12-week minimind. Limited to 10 members for maximum support and accountability. 

What’s included

$6,000 Value

The total value of this program is over $10,000!

You get templates, layouts and swipe copy that’ll save you tons of time for everything, like your webinar slide deck, social media designs, tracking spreadsheet or swipe copy for your launch emails. Never feel like you have to start from scratch again.

Templates, Tech Tutorials, Swipe-Files and more Resources!

$1,000 Value

I know you desire personalized and customized attention for your business and you’ll be able to book a monthly 50-min 1:1 call with me! This is your opportunity to pick my brain and get completely customized support to launch your high-ticket program.

Three 1:1 Calls with Susanne

$1,350 Value

Never wonder if you’re on the right track or not. For 12 weeks you will have the opportunity to submit your work each week for individual feedback. I‘ll look at the assets you’re creating (everything from your website, content, landing pages, email copy, pricing, launch assets etc!) and share a recording with my detailed feedback with you.

Personal Feedback on Your Work

$1,300 Value

We have six live Q&A coaching calls for all High Ticket Magic students to partake in together. Unlike individual calls, you’ll be able to learn from the other members in the program as well. If you can’t join live you can also watch the recordings.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls


We have a private community where you can ask questions, share results and connect with other students, co-working hours on Zoom and an intimate WhatsApp group for you to surround yourself with people who are able to lift you up, answer your questions, and inspire the hell out of you.

A Supportive Community 


Here are the core elements covered in the HIGH TICKET MAGIC curriculum.

Design Your High-Ticket Program


Design your offer, choose features and support, and determine the ideal timeframe and pricing. This module empowers you to create a standout program that wows your audience and positions you as a leader in your niche.

Set Up Your High-Ticket Program


From creating a seamless application process (including tech tutorials for Zapier and Airtable) to selecting your course platform and delivery method, I've got you covered. You’ll also learn how to set up your terms and contracts and onboard your new students. 

Prepare for Your Launch


Gear up for launching your high-ticket program with a three-day live event. From sending out invitations to putting together your training slide decks, here’s everything you need for a successful launch, ensuring you make a lasting impact on your audience. 

Let's break it down:

Launch Your High-Ticket Program


Design an irresistible application page and streamline your sales process. Write your persuasive sales emails sequence and gain the skills to sell effectively through direct messages and sales calls. 

Manage & Run Your Program


Effortlessly handle both one-on-one and group calls, establish efficient processes to offer outstanding support and personalized feedback to your students. Learn effective community management strategies and utilize my onboarding and offboarding templates.

Sell it on Evergreen


Craft a dynamic evergreen funnel and drive targeted traffic to your application page so you’ll be able to enroll new students year-round. Plus, receive a handy template to track your results, enabling you to continually enhance and expand your success. 

Fill out the application by clicking the link below. It’ll take you less than 2 minutes to fill out the form and there is no obligation to join the program or pay anything!

Apply now

Apply for High Ticket Magic

1 — Application

Next, I’ll have a look at your application (normally within 24 hours) to see if you’d be a good fit for the minimind and get back to you. I only accept people I know I can help and that will thrive inside of the program! 

2 — Assessment

If I accept your application, I’ll send you a link to a page where you can enroll and your spot is saved for the next 48 hours. I will only accept 10 people max into the program so spots are limited.  

3 — Acceptance

Investment is $2,500 pay in full or 6 monthly payments of $450. All prices are in USD. VAT to be added where applicable.

Your Investment


$5,000 pay in full or $500 per month for 12 months.
All prices are in USD. VAT to be added where applicable.

My clients learn how to elevate their brand, offers and sales strategy. Are you next?

Hi, I'm Susanne. 

Over the last 6 years I’ve launched multiple online programs and worked with hundreds of yoga teachers and coaches. But it was only when I launched my first premium offer that I saw my business take off. My students were getting bigger results and experiencing true transformations, I felt more fulfilled from working closely with a smaller group and my income skyrocketed and allowed me to invest back into my business. Selling a high-ticket offer might not be for everybody, but I’m so grateful I took the leap and gathered the faith in myself and my expertise to create this offer and I know you can do it, too.

xo Susanne


This      for you if:

You want to enroll clients at the $3k - $10k price point. No more discounts, down-sells, or low priced DIY courses. You know this is possible, you want a simple and realistic process to get you there.

You’re just getting started and you don’t have a niche, a website or any experience working with clients yet.

You are ambitious and ready to disrupt and dominate in your niche, elevating your client’s experience with a top-notch program that delivers a deep transformation.

You want to keep selling only low-ticket offers and you're not ready to create an offer for a premium price point.

You want a simple funnel and an ethical sales strategy that focuses on delivering value, without fake urgency and scarcity tactics.

It's probably        for you if...

You’re not ready to show up and do the work. I expect you to confidently make decisions as the boss of your business by applying the strategies I teach within the curriculum.



You’re ready to take action right NOW. No more delaying your dreams to create balance in your business. We start February 12th and you’re ready to get to work for the following 12 weeks.

You are in a tight financial situation right now and have no means to invest in coaching. It’s fine – I'M here for you when things change!

This program has been designed to create unprecedented results for the best coaches but it’s not for everyone...

There is a qualification process for this program. I can only work with a limited number of qualified entrepreneurs and access to this minimind is limited to 10 people.

"Thanks to the step by step plan I could follow I realized that yes, I can do this!

In my first launch of my online course I sold 15 spots, it was sold out! This still feels amazing! The biggest challenge I had was that I felt I was not ready. But thanks to the step by step plan I could follow I realized that yes, I can do this!"


Susanne and her team share doable, actionable steps to help me move forward. Everything I need to learn to grow my business  is consolidated in one place and I gained so much confidence that I’m on the right path. I just wish I would have joined sooner!"

"The whole program is worth the price just because of how much time and confusion it saved me.

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I feel so much more inspired and motivated to work on my business since I joined the Blissful Biz Incubator. I now feel confident and like a business owner! This was one of the best investments of my life." 

"I’m way more consistent and it’s already paying off, I’m getting more clients and see the growth.



Are you ready to create and sell a high-ticket group coaching program and add six figures to your income? If yes, save your spot today before the doors close.  Access to this minimind is limited to 10 people so don't sit on this - apply now.

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Just by purchasing this program, your results won’t materialize by itself. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ program. Especially when you are starting out, you need to invest time, capital and/or energy to grow a successful digital course business and your results may vary depending on your expertise, following and speed of picking up new skills (no matter how basic). We want to work with people who are committed to the process of building digital real estate that provides them with increasing dividends in the form of leveraged income over time. If that's you, I can't wait to see your application!