1:1 coaching

It’s time to scale & expand and build your dream business!

Inside this exclusive 1:1 container I’m walking you through my proven roadmap that I’ve used to take my business to six-figures with an aligned offer suite and a simplified marketing plan, so you can spend more time doing what you love.


Ready to make some major moves in your business?

Ready to make some major moves in your business?

You have a crystal-clear vision for the next chapter of your life and business, a vision so vivid that you're itching to take action and dive right in (just like I did when I made the move to Bali and launched my coaching business back in 2016).

You know deep down that you’re great at what you do, and your clients love you. Yet, you're grappling with the challenge of achieving a sustainable, steady income, finding yourself stuck at 5k to 10k months.

Despite pouring your heart into crafting offer after offer and consistently posting content, you're feeling disheartened by the lack of interest. The sales and income you envisioned simply haven't materialized.

You're ready to level up everything in your biz because you understand that this is the key to getting more people in your offers and you wish someone would just look at what you’re doing and tell you what’s good and what needs some work.


Change your life

You're prepared to invest into a mentor who is an expert at making your brand stand-out like the star you are, packaging your skills into irresistible offers and supercharging your sales.

You’re a coach or yoga teacher in your forties, fifties or beyond and you know that it’s now or never to go for your big dreams and put you and your business first.

Imagine where you’ll be in six months by embracing your vision over your fears!

It’s time to stop being stuck at that 5k to 10k months mark, launching new things all the time hoping something will magically stick like the famous spaghetti on the wall, trying to figure out your next steps… trust me, I’ve been there. I know what it’s like when no matter what you do, it feels like you just keep on struggling despite working way too many hours. I was undervaluing my expertise and underpricing my services for years and it wasn't until I embarked on a six-month journey in my camper van that I had a breakthrough, because it forced me to get focused, simplify the heck out of my offers and really go all in on elevating my business.

I realized that selling a more premium offer takes the same energy and effort as selling a low-ticket one and consequently launched my first high-ticket program (and sold 50 spots in the next 2 years, making over $250k with just that program).

I learned what tweaks I needed to make in my content and messaging to attract my soul clients. I simplified my marketing strategy, smartly repurposing content across different channels, and ended up saving hours each week.

Before you know it, I started having consistent 10k – 20k months, while working around 6 hours a day. Now I’m here to help you do the same!

Often, we’re too close to our own work, so we can’t even see why we don’t bring in the sales. I’m here to help you get crystal clear on your vision, create a master game plan for achieving your goals, tell you excactly what to do and hold you accountable along the way.

The results


Together we’ll design your customized 6-figure business model to include programs you love to deliver, designed to align with your ideal lifestyle and revenue goals.

We’ll look at how to elevate your branding, website and messaging that will make you show up with a new-found confidence in your expertise, ready to step up and play a much bigger game.

I'll guide you in setting up remarkably simple systems, processes and funnels, inviting more ease and sales into your business than you ever imagined possible (as a former project manager, this is one of my superpowers).

I'll review your sales pages, posts, stories, emails, and other marketing materials, offering subtle tweaks so you start attracting empowered, eager-to-buy dream clients.

Throughout our journey together, I'll be right there by your side, supporting you every step of the way as you reach your financial goals and evolve into the best possible version of yourself as a business owner.


We're going to look at and improve all elements of your business:

🌟 Vision
💖 Branding & Messaging
🛍️ Offer Suite
💰 Profit Plan
💻 Website
📆 Content Calendar
📈 Lead Generation
🚀 Sales Funnels & Launches
🔥 Team& Support
✅ Task Management

"The coaching with Susanne was a great experience! She helped me gain lots of clarity around my positioning as well as prioritise the next essential steps in my marketing and business strategy. 

It also included many concrete tips around apps and programmes that I can use. In the follow-up, I received highly valuable feedback in relation to the initial implementation of the ideas. Overall, our coaching gave me the necessary energetic momentum and a clear strategy to take my business to the next level. I also enjoy her down-to-earth, kind, generous and highly professional attitude. I can fully recommend Susanne as a business mentor!"

- Dr. Ilinca Serbanescu


What you get:

Your Investment

Weekly private coaching sessions. This is where we create the big game plan for you each month and work through the gaps and next steps for you to take to get to multiple 5 figures per month in revenue.

$4,500 or $1,600 per month
You can pay in full or with a monthly payment plan
USD -  Plus VAT where applicable

3 Months Of Unlimited Private Coaching 

Unlimited WhatsApp access Tuesday – Thursday where nothing is off-limits. Send me a text or voice note anytime a question comes up, you need support, you need to talk things out or you want to run an idea for an offer or launch by me so we can get you more sales.

Access to any of my programs, trainings and templates while working together that cover everything from branding, launching a premium group program, to creating content that sells and more to help you take action (worth over $10,000).

Stop settling. Don’t listen to other people’s limiting narratives of what you should do. Quit your job if it doesn’t serve you anymore. Launch that premium offer. Go for your dreams.