How to use ChatGPT in Your Yoga & Wellness Business

Yoga Teacher using ChatGPT for her business on her laptop
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Have you heard about ChatGPT? 🤔

I’ve been playing around with it and it’s so much fun! In this episode I’m walking you through three examples how you can use ChatGPT in your yoga or wellness business and I promise, you’re going to be amazed!

It really is a new stage we are entering on how we’re using artificial intelligence in our life and work. It’s going to change the world on the same level as the iPhone did.

What is ChatGPT?

If you’re not familiar with ChatGPT, it’s a currently free artificial intelligence chatbot that uses natural language to generate content.

Its vast database of knowledge allows it to provide intelligent and informed answers to questions on a variety of subjects, from science and technology to history and literature.

A key feature of ChatGPT is its ability to learn and adapt over time. As users interact with the chatbot, it continues to analyze and process their input, building up a greater understanding of language and human behavior. This means that ChatGPT is always improving, becoming more sophisticated and better able to handle complex and nuanced conversations. I actually used ChatGPT to write this paragraph – can you tell?!

Take a look at some of the things you can use it for:

Come up with a Title for an upcoming Workshop

Type into ChatGPT your workshop topic and watch it work its magic! It will usually provide around 10 titles that you can use for an upcoming workshop that is going to draw your ideal clients in! Just bear in mind that other people who are asking the same question to ChatGPT will probably get the same results and the same answers, so try to just use it for inspiration and then insert your own brand voice – customize the answers and switch it up a little so that it’s your own. 

The prompted responses are great for giving you content ideas as well as inspiring you with new topics you could write about, and also things that might help your creative side to start flowing!

Generate Social Media Captions

Who’s not overwhelmed by having to create content for Instagram and Facebook all the time, right? Try to type in something like “write a social media caption about why people should do prenatal yoga”. Take a look at the suggestions that are generated and decide whether they suit your brand voice and what you’re hoping to communicate in your caption. If the results are too formal and too serious (like the one in the example I show in the video) simply type in “make it more fun” and watch the transformation. 

These captions don’t have to be just copied and pasted – you can use them for inspiration and adapt them however you want to! You can then finish off your social media caption by asking ChatGPT for some related hashtags to use.

Write a Blog Post

Finally, try typing in a command for writing a “blog about myths around prenatal yoga”, for example. The results will come out as a whole, long, detailed blog post. No matter how good the post is, make sure to change and customize things – don’t just copy and paste it. People want to get to know you and hear your voice, so you might need to reword certain aspects and sentences so that it sounds like you and how you would talk to your people. 

Use this as a starting point and to save time in your business and have more fun. It might inspire you to be more creative as well because it’s giving you so much more creative input. It might make you start thinking about future possibilities and future content ideas and topics you could teach about. 

Things are never going to be the same for me, I know that, so I would love to hear what you think about the software. Make sure to get in touch with your story, what you’ve used it for, and what you think of it so far!









Hi, I'm Susanne.

I’m here to help you turn your passion into profits and build a successful online business.

I went from working in digital advertising to become a yoga teacher, move to Bali and build my online business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world. Now, my mission is to help you do the same. I want to empower you to embrace the transformative potential of midlife and menopause, build a purposeful online business and create your unique legacy.

I’m also obsessed with my little terrier Luna, love traveling in my campervan, and am happiest when I can wear yoga pants all day long. 

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