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Think you’re ‘bad’ at selling? Let’s talk about reframing sales in your biz.

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Selling isn’t about being pushy or manipulative. It’s about transformation. It’s about painting a picture of how someone’s life could be different if they work with you. But arriving at this understanding wasn’t easy for me.

I’ll never forget my first discovery call with a potential client. I was so nervous that I rambled for 30 minutes about my coaching program without ever asking what the client actually needed. Needless to say, I didn’t make the sale.

That experience was just one of many that made me want to hide behind my laptop rather than promote my services. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs struggle with the idea of selling, especially when they’re first starting out.

So, how did I go from cringing at the thought of selling to confidently offering programs I believe in? Here are the key strategies that changed everything for me.

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1. Focus on the Transformation, Not Just the Features

Instead of listing the nuts and bolts of your offer, paint a vivid picture of the results your clients will achieve. When I talk about my programs now, I invite people to imagine how their lives and businesses will change. I might say something like:

“Imagine waking up every morning excited about your work, feeling a sense of purpose and fulfillment you haven’t experienced in years. Picture yourself confidently pursuing that business idea you’ve been dreaming about, knowing you have the skills and support to make it happen.”

This approach helps potential clients connect emotionally with the outcomes of working with you.

2. Build Genuine Connections

Before you even think about pitching your services or offers, take the time to nurture relationships with your potential clients. This approach has been transformative for my business, and I’d love to share how I’ve been putting it into practice.

Recently, I created the Midlife Biz Hive, a free community specifically for women in midlife who are starting or growing their businesses. My vision is for this to become a vibrant space where we can connect, share experiences, and support each other on our entrepreneurial journeys.

I encourage you to think about how you can create similar opportunities for connection in your business. Could you start a Facebook group, host regular virtual coffee chats, or organize a women’s circle? The key is to focus on giving value and building relationships, not on making sales. When you nurture your audience this way, the right clients will naturally be drawn to work with you when they’re ready.

3. Believe in the Value of Your Offer

If you don’t believe in the transformative power of what you’re selling, how can you expect others to believe in it? When you’re genuinely excited about your offer, that enthusiasm becomes contagious.

I’ve noticed a clear correlation between my level of enthusiasm and the success of my launches. When I’m truly thrilled about what I’m offering, it shows in everything I do. My social media posts are more engaging, my emails are more compelling, and my sales conversations flow naturally.

On the flip side, launches for products I wasn’t as passionate about never performed as well. My lack of genuine enthusiasm came through, even when I tried to hide it.

Take a moment to reflect on your current offer. Are you excited about it? Does it light you up when you talk about it? If not, consider revisiting your offer to align it more closely with your passions and your clients’ needs.

Remember, your excitement is contagious. When you truly believe in the value of what you’re offering, potential clients will pick up on that energy and be more likely to see the value themselves.

4. Be Unapologetically Authentic

In a world of polished Instagram feeds, your authenticity is your superpower – especially as a midlife entrepreneur. Embracing this has been transformative for me.

There was a time when I felt uncomfortable about my age in the entrepreneurial space. I tried to look “perfect” or younger than I was. But when I repositioned myself as a midlife biz coach, everything changed. I felt free to talk openly about my age, experiences, and wisdom.

Now, I often go live or record videos with little to no makeup. I’m not trying to hide my age – I’m celebrating it! And the response has been incredible.

This journey has been about connecting to myself and learning self-love and acceptance. By allowing myself to be truly seen, I’m not just growing my business – I’m growing as a person.

So, embrace your unique magic! Share your stories of triumph and struggle. Be open about your challenges. Your authenticity will attract the right people who resonate with your journey and are eager to learn from your experience.

5. Use Ethical Persuasion Techniques

Ethical persuasion is about helping people make decisions that are in their best interest. This can include sharing testimonials (social proof), offering limited spots in a program (scarcity), or providing early-bird bonuses (urgency).

The key is to use these techniques transparently and never to manipulate. For example, when I limit the number of 1:1 clients I work with, it creates real urgency. Or when I close the cart for a launch and the bonuses go away, it creates a sense of urgency.

As midlife entrepreneurs, we have a unique opportunity to position ourselves as mentors and guides. When I renamed my high-ticket offer to “the mentorship,” it changed how I approached selling. I felt like I was extending an invitation to walk alongside someone on their journey, sharing my experiences and wisdom.

Remember, selling is simply an invitation to make a difference in someone’s life. When you approach it with authenticity and a true desire to serve, you’ll attract the right clients with ease and joy.

Which of these strategies resonates most with you? How might you implement them in your business? Reflecting on these questions can be the first step in transforming your relationship with selling and taking your business to the next level.

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I’m here to help you turn your passion into profits and build a successful online business.

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